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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

To continue to share my love for #photography and memories alike, I've started writing a blog combining them both. Each blog written will incorporate old photos from my life, and possibly others. I hope it will encourage you to see the importance of taking photos, whether it be on your #phone, or by a professional. I thank my mother for taking as many photos as she did throughout my #childhood. Looking back on them reminds me of a life that now only exists in my memory.


Up until recently I used to think it was weird #photography became my job. A job I love and am passionate about! But when I looked back over my life I realized it’s not weird at all. Ever since I was old enough to use a camera I’ve been taking pictures.

But not the way you think!

I never once thought “I want to be a #photographer when I grow up!” In fact, I wanted to be a forensics specialist! I wanted to work behind the scenes in movies! Eventually I wanted to become a teacher (which I did!). But not ONCE did I think - photographer. I’m not sure why I never aspired to be one.... considering I have forever been obsessed with freezing moments in time. Even if the moments were nothing special - I was always taking pictures of them!


I can remember what it was like before digital cameras. We would drop the film off at Walmart and wait for what seemed like forever for our prints to be mailed back - not having a clue what they looked like! I would run to the end of my driveway as a child and check the mail every day hoping they were there. When they finally were, they'd be in huge envelopes sealed shut with a sticker that said “double prints”. We always ordered doubles. Even though my brother and I both knew half the pictures in those envelopes were of our dog Carter, our dog Carter’s butt, or a blurred motion shot inside our house.

Either way it was the best day. In the 30 seconds it took me to flip through all these prints I got to relive multiple moments in my life. Moments that otherwise only existed in my memory. I’d look through them over and over all day. Eventually they’d get stuffed in the box with all the other doubles of dog butts and blurred hands, but they were never forgotten.

When I moved out of my house as a college student I had multiple boxes FULL of pictures and photo albums. Pictures of my family, holidays, vacations, school and friends, and even just every day life. So much changes over the years. We grow up, we move away, people pass on and sometimes families break apart. But not in those photos. In those photos - nothing changes.

My brother is still 8 and playing the original nintendo.

My father is playing barbies with me in my room.

...and my mother still has her perm… curled up on the couch with our dog.

Photos are everything. That’s why I’ve always taken them. And I always will.

Almost every single family I’ve photographed has used a phrase similar to: “it’s like Christmas morning every time I see a new picture!” And I know exactly how they feel. They’re all running to the mailbox at the end of their driveway, ripping open envelopes full of double prints.

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