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A great way to capture memories without leaving the comfort of your home!

What IS a pop-in?

A pop-in is simply what it sounds like! Me popping in for a quick 15-20 minute photo session at your home. I come to you - making the travel and prepartion for photo shoots no longer an added frustration! Taking photos in your own home, no matter where you live, adds a personal touch to your session! If you think your home isnt suitable for photos, I promise you are mistaken! All you need is one good pocket of light. Do you live in an apartment, or condo? No problem! If there's not enough light inside, let's go outside! Let's find a spot in the complex/community! 

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What kind of photos can you capture in a pop-in?

-Candid moments with your family; casual and fun; moments of your children as they are right now! 

-Candid couples moments! (non-boudoir) 

-Posed/non-candid family photos either with grandparents, immediate family, extended family, mom&me, couples, whoever you want! Just keep in mind i'm only there 15-20 minutes.

WHY do a Pop-In?

  • You don't have to go anywhere!

  • Your photos will be personal to YOU and won't look like anyone else's!

  • It's quick, it's easy, and unlike any other photo shoot

  • Capture real moments of your every day life, or make your annual family photo event much easier!


More FAQ

"I don't have a nice house or good light can I still do a pop-in?"

YES! First of all, your house IS nice! 2nd, if we don't have good light we can use the front doorway, or go outside and find a nice spot!

"What if I need to reschedule?"

No problem! Just let me know right away and we'll move you to another pop-in date!

"Do I need to clean my house?"

NO! We'll find where the best light is, and only use that spot. The focus is on you, not your home! (You can clean if you want to of course!)

"Do we need to dress nice?"

That's all up to you! If you're using this as a chance to capture your family in every day life, then no. If you're using this for portraits, then let's discuss styling together! 

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