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A unique and fun way to capture your little ones!

What IS Playground Hour?

The playground is a haven for imagination. It is where our children learn to make friends, create games, and laugh for hours. As countless memories are being made, let me be there to capture it forever! Whether it's you and your kiddos playing, or a group of their friends - I promise you these are moments you'll never want to forget.


Does it have to be a full hour?

No! You can do a 30 minute session (best for just the family), or book a full hour and split the cost with other parents for a playdate you all can remember!

What playground will we use?

We can use any playground you wish!​ I'm sure most of you have a particular playground you attend often, however if you want suggestions on the most photogenic kinds we can discuss :)


More FAQ

"How many images are included?"


"Can you do posed photos?"

This type of session is not intended for portraits, but rather a documentary style approach to your child's time at the playground. Of course I'm sure we'll catch some 'smiling at the camera' moments during our session.

"Is there a maximum number of children that can be in the session?"

No, however your time is limited and since it is a documentary style session there are no guarantees on how many images are taken per child. 

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