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We've Been Given a Gift | Orlando Photographer | JBC Photography |

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

It's #springbreak2020. We live in Central Florida, home to some of the best theme parks, beaches and activities. Every year we plan vacations for this week, or swipe our annual passes at the gates of #disneyworld and #universalstudios . For so long we have made sure to keep our kids constantly entertained and happy doing the most exciting things during their spring break.


Disney World is shut down. Universal is closed. Every theme park, arcade, and trampoline spot is closing their doors to the public. No one sees this as a good thing. In fact, most are panicking. Homes are full to the brim with #toiletpaper and #handsanitizer, and worst of all - we're left stuck inside our homes with our children because guess what - the schools are also closed!

But if i'm being honest, with myself and with you, this may be the best gift we've ever been given as a parent. Yes. I said that. You can stop rolling your eyes and yelling at me in disbelief. Why? Because we've been given the gift of TIME.

Actual, genuine time with our little ones. No busy theme parks full of stressful tension between parents and crowds and $12 corn dogs or popcorn. No chauffeuring back and forth between extremely loud venues full of germs and screaming. No pressure to take our kids to the BEST place this spring break because Susie Smith is taking HER kids to this other really cool place, so we should too! No! We can relax! We can play board games with our kids and take them in the pool. We can go for a walk in our neighborhood and explore nature. We can go to our local playgrounds and parks and let them run! There used to be a day when that's really all they needed to be happy - an open field, a slide, and a swingset. We've been given those days again. ENJOY them!


Included Photos:

My friends and I at the playground, age around 6, and my little brother to the right.

My brother and I swimming in the pool.

My brother and I walking our dog.

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Beautiful photos! Where did you get them from? I have some very old photos too, taken with an old camera, but unfortunately they are not supported on my computer, I can't open them. Although I heard that now you can use online photo converter and convert the photo to the required format.

Have you done this with your photos or they were just stored on your computer all this time?

Me gusta
08 abr
Contestando a

I have not! I just took photos OF the photos in hand LOL Not real technical im afraid. :)

Thank you!

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Barbara Ann Wayt
Barbara Ann Wayt
14 mar 2020

What a beautiful insight, a positive outlook in a time of our lives where stress and anxiety are dominating our thoughts and feelings.

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