What to Expect 

  • Upon booking your session we will discuss which day, time, and location are best for you. I will then email you a consent form and an invoice with all the information you need. I accept cash/check payments the day of your session. Mini sessions collect payment up front via Paypal to hold your place. 


  • So many times I have clients ask me "What do I wear??" :) To make things easier for everyone...HERE are a bunch of different clothing options, tips, and advice for family sessions, as well as maternity and newborn preparation! Natural earthy tones are great, but I love a pop of color too!


  • When you arrive for your shoot, relax! :) This is meant to be a fun outing for your family! Tell the kids beforehand that you're going to go play! There will be tickling, cuddling, running around, etc. You can get those posed "say cheese" photos any time, let me capture true joy between the ones you love while you play and laugh!


  • Once your session is over, I will email you a link to your online gallery within 24 hours. (No, they won't be done that quick!) lol. However I will continue to upload your photos as I edit them so you can check back daily! (Mini sessions with limited images will not be done the same way). 


  • Upon completion you will have a window of time to download all your images from the gallery before it expires. (You'll get a reminder don't worry!). During this time feel free to order prints of all sizes straight from your gallery! Also, any family members can order if they wish, you just have to give them the password to get in! Everything will ship directly to you, or them!


  • Your photos are never shared on my webiste without your signed consent.


  • If you need to reschedule your session for a different date I am more than happy to do so!


  • Weather isn't always our best friend for these beautiful outside shoots. In the case of any weather disruptions you and I will discuss our best options for the shoot. This could be a change in time, or even a change in date. Don't worry- the rain will not stop us! :)


  • Most sessions are based out of Sanford/Lake Mary, FL and surrounding areas - but I will shoot anywhere! :) However, travel outside of this area may be subject to a travel fee.

Central Florida