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Updated: May 29

To purchase a full year's worth of contest themes for your own social media contest please email me at

This blog is specifically for my fellow photographers during this uncertain time we are in!

Due to social distancing orders that are in place, and the common sense knowledge that we should be staying at home anyway, we are forced to cancel, or reschedule all of our sessions! So what can we do?

We can add to the heated front porch session controversy?

Disclaimer: I have no comment on either side of the debate :)

We could work on our websites, our marketing, edit old photos, etc. This is all great and we definitely have the time for it. But I want to know how we can continue to engage our families and supporters. I have no new sessions to post. I'm sure everyone is tired of seeing the same pictures re-posted. And I've definitely done my share of funny corona/tiger-king memes.

How about a contest!? Give people something to look forward to! Give our families the chance to be the photographer since we can't!

I've created a contest, thanks to the awesome suggestion of a friend, that allows my followers to be creative and have fun! Here in Florida we were just issued a stay-at-home order for 30 days (it's about time!). So we know we're in the house until May 1 for sure. I have come up with a different theme for each day in April asking families to submit a photo related to that theme and post to my business page on Social Media. At the end of the month there will be a winner! For my contest I'm rewarding a $50 gift certificate for a future session- but you can set the terms for your contest any way you wish!

You may be late to the game for April, and that's fine! You can always adjust your contest. But here are the templates I've made for each day and you are welcome to use for your business as well!

For full attachment download click here. To see my original post for the contest head to my facebook page!

All images used are free stock photos via Canva, Unsplash, or my own personal photo (The boston terrier is my baby!)

Have fun!

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