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How to Turn Your Cell Phone Photos Into Art | Orlando Family Photography | JBC Photography

Ever have a picture you took on your phone that you just LOVE? You took it yourself. You captured real emotion from your children, (or even your pet!) and everything about it is just... perfect. But it doesn't seem to have that extra touch to it - The kind that makes you want to print it out and hang it on the wall. I get it! I have a million of them! For some reason professional photos just look better up on my walls too!

But what if I could change that for you!?

Take a look!

*Click to enlarge for full details*

Water Color Art is the perfect way to take an old vintage photo from your past, or a favorite photo from your phone, and add that special touch to it that makes it so beautiful up on your walls, or on your shelves! See some examples below from cell phone images and an old photo! *fun fact - the old photo is of ME* :)

If you are excited to get those photos you love so much OFF your phone and into your home, let me know! Email me at


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