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Front Porch Sessions | 2020 Quarantine | Orlando Photography | JBC Photography

Let me tell you all... I avoided these sessions like the plague! (or the corona virus) LOL

There was so much controversy over them. Is it safe? Is it essential? etc. etc.

So even though I was asked daily by my friends, family and clients whether or not I had heard of them, or if I was doing them at all, this was me every time:


I live in Florida! And we got clearance to start working again a few weeks ago. So you better believe I went ahead and opened up a porch session weekend! I did 38 families in 3 days, and boy was my body was feeling it by day 3. I hadn't worked for 45+ days and then that!

You know what I learned from it though? I LOVE taking photos at your home!!! Seriously, we don't always need a pretty field you guys! Your home is PERFECT! Why? Because its personable to YOU! And some of them are so unique and fun I just love it so much! We don't all have unique set ups though, I get it, but in a regular session there's always your back yard, your side yard, your living room, etc. The list goes on! Anyways, just a thought :)

Here's a few of my absolute favorites from my porch session weekend!!

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