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I absolutely love themed sessions! So when this mom came to me for her daughter's 2nd year #portraits I was so excited! She told me her birthday party was going to be a #farmersmarket theme, and asked what we could do to incorporate that into her session! At first my mind went to various props like baskets, fruit, crates etc. But then I realized, why not bring her to an ACTUAL farmers market? If you've ever tried to do a studio session for a 2 year old, or any photo session for that matter, you know that getting them to be still for more than 30 seconds is a challenge! This was the perfect solution!

I searched for local farmers markets in the area and came across the perfect little shop, Maters & Taters Produce! After calling and speaking with the owners we were able to confirm a date for our session! Upon arriving to the market we were shown a warm welcome and big smiles from those working as they got to watch the birthday girl shop her way through their store. I told mom, just give her a basket and let her go! I'll do the rest. (Mom knew ahead of time she'd probably be purchasing all the touched fruit and veggies by her toddler hehe). She truly had a blast during this photo session, and I'm so glad! More importantly, we didn't have to stress over trying to keep a 2 year old still for the camera! :)

Take a look at all the fun we had!

Many thanks to Maters & Taters Produce for allowing us in your store for this special session!

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