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New Smyrna Beach Photography | Ponce Inlet Photography | Beach Photography | JBC Photography

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

I grew up making sand castles and playing in the waves at New Smyrna beach. Most of my childhood in Florida is centered around it! Salty air and wet fingers dipped into bags of potato chips. Melted pb&j sandwiches and gobs of sunscreen being applied to the tops of my ears and nose by my mom. All wonderful little details in my memory of beach trips. It honestly is my favorite place to be, and the perfect setting for relaxation! As a child I didn't know to take in the beauty of it all. Now it's all I can think about when i'm there. The great thing about choosing this setting for your family photos is that it combines that joy of a child with the beauty we now take in as an adult.

This is truly where I capture the best real and raw emotions of children and their families! Take a look at a few!

All photos shown are from either New Smyrna Beach, or Ponce Inlet.

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