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365 Photo Themes For Your Classroom or Social Media Platform

As a former teacher, and now photographer, creativity is at my core. During our entry into pandemic life, I was forced to get really creative with my online following. Photo sessions were not happening, and I needed to find ways of not only sustaining my photography business, but doing so ONLINE ONLY! Tough task for someone who takes photos!

I created a photo contest via my social media, and it was something my clients and families quickly fell in love with! It was a way of continuing to build traffic to my business page, and offering incentives for those playing to come back and see me once this was all over. I ran the contest for an entire year, awarding over 12 gift certificates for my business.

Once it was all over I realized how much work I put into creating these themes. One for EVERY day of the year! Why not share this with others who could use it also?

Photographers could definitely use it on their social media platforms, but so could any online business! We live in a digital world with cameras at our fingertips 24/7 - all we do is take photos!! It's perfect.

But it doesn't stop there-

Remember when I mentioned I was a former teacher?

That teacher brain never goes away! With the technology in classrooms today, you can easily project these themes onto the board each morning for a daily journal entry! Young students can use these photo themes to illustrate in their journals, while older students can use them to write a paragraph, or sentence.

I've done the work for you, it's all there! 365 photo themes plus some extras. Grab your bundle and get creative!!!

***Out of respect for my hard work and business, please do not copy/share these themes***

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