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3 Meaningful Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Photo Gift Ideas | JBC Photography

Updated: May 1, 2020

Today's blog post is meant NOT for the mothers... but for those married to them! Sounds weird... hmmm. You know what I mean...right? The fathers who are still in charge of providing gifts for mommy "from" the kids? That's who this is for! Listen up!

And if you're a mommy yourself, and you still want to read for ideas for your own mother... well, then go ahead :)

Aside from candles, spa days, jewelry and all the usual mother's day gift ideas... moms also love PHOTOS! (and sometimes a day completely alone with a glass, or 7, of wine...wait....did I say that out loud?)


As a mom myself I can confidently say...

We also love gifts with meaning and thought! Our babies grow up so so fast, and we want to capture them at every age, every facial expression they have and outgrow! We want to hold on to every moment in their lives. We want it all! So with that being said, here's some awesome ideas to pair with that bottle of wine. ;-)

1. A family photo session with me, duh! :)

You can email me at and set up a session to surprise her with, or simply purchase a gift card to present to her on Mother's Day! Guess what the best news of all is? You don't even have to be IN the pictures if you don't want to... you could gift her a mommy&me session! Us moms are hardly in any pictures as it is, we have plenty of you and the's our turn in front of the camera! Pair it with a salon visit and a new outfit, and you have one AWESOME Mother's Day gift for the kids sign off on :)

2. A photo book from your last photo session!

If she's anything like me, those photos she had you and the kids get all dolled up for are still sitting on your computer, or even worse sitting in the gallery undownloaded! Why??We still can't decide which ones we like best to frame and put on the wall. We're lazy. We're too busy. We are constantly at our children's beck and call. Who knows. Any of those excuses work for me ;-) But if this is true, it's great for you! Email me and let me know which photo session you want to use, or if you want to combine multiple sessions, and let me make a photo book for her! The best part? You can add in a little personalized letter/note from you, or even from the kids. All you have to do is write it down, take a picture of it, and send it to me. I can do the rest. Yes, it's that easy! And she will love it. My "brag book" photo books are perfect for this. Email me to set this up!

3. Water Color Art

This is super simple and sweet! Definitely the perfect add-on to any gift you already have. Is there a cell phone photo she loves that she doesn't necessarily want to print and frame? Is there an old vintage photo from back in the day she likes? Turn it into art! Just email me the photos and I'll do the rest. These would be digital files, so you'd still have to print them out and frame them. OR - I can order the print for you too!

So there you go! 3 easy and awesome gifts for mom that really require no work on your end! Message me and let's get it started!


And that's all I got to say about that.

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