3 Meaningful Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Photo Gift Ideas | JBC Photography

Updated: May 1, 2020

Today's blog post is meant NOT for the mothers... but for those married to them! Sounds weird... hmmm. You know what I mean...right? The fathers who are still in charge of providing gifts for mommy "from" the kids? That's who this is for! Listen up!

And if you're a mommy yourself, and you still want to read for ideas for your own mother... well, then go ahead :)

Aside from candles, spa days, jewelry and all the usual mother's day gift ideas... moms also love PHOTOS! (and sometimes a day completely alone with a glass, or 7, of wine...wait....did I say that out loud?)


As a mom myself I can confidently say...

We also love gifts with meaning and thought! Our babies grow up so so fast, and we want to capture them at every age, every facial expression they have and outgrow! We want to hold on to every moment in their lives. We want it all! So with that being said, here's some awesome ideas to pair with that bottle of wine. ;-)

1. A family photo session with me, duh! :)